Talon & Ed Belfour Merchandise

I had acquired a merchandising agreement with Mr. Belfour to sell some prints made from art I'd done of him and my cartoon eagle "Talon". I'd had a lot of things planned with it, but because of art burnout, not wanting to mess with a lot of paperwork and real life getting in the way, I only had one print that was available. Unless Mr. Belfour approaches me for anything in particular, it also will most likely be the only piece. I was not licensed by the NHL, NHLPA, Dallas Stars (or any other hockey club) - my licensing was through Belfour and Eagle Enterprises.

You'll notice that this page is written in past tense. I made the decision to stop selling the prints (at least for the time being) after Ed's move to another team. My print was of Ed in a Dallas Stars jersey (an older one at that), and since I didn't really want to do anymore prints for sale, it seemed silly to keep these for sale. Perhaps in the future there may be a time I can work again with Eagle Enterprises, but it's been fun. I was given a great chance to see what I could do and I very much appreciated the level of trust that was granted to me.