Belfour Photo Gallery

Ed Belfour Photo Gallery
1997 - 1998

Some notes regarding these pictures. They were taken with a Pentax MG with a 75-200 zoom and I can't remember what speed film.. 800 Fuji? I have every intention of getting another Pentax for hockey photos - I do night photography and the MG is perfect for it but you can't adjust the shutter speed which is a good thing for hockey. Until then these are the types of photos that I have for now and they were the only two times I really got to take photos worth putting up til I get another camera.

February 27, 1998
Dr Pepper Stars Center Practice

September 18, 1997
(Reunion Arena "Open House Practice")

These next photos were my first attempt to fight photoshop for my copyright text.. some of the images turned out obnoxious looking with the names.. sorry 'bout that.. I got better tho'!! :)

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