Ed Belfour Photo Gallery
1998 - 1999

Still using the Pentax MG and the 75-200 zoom but I believe we used Kodak Gold 800 and pushed it at a higher speed setting since we don't have shutter adjustability. This just enables you to get a little more capture without having to use the high speed film (1600) that gives it the over-graininess. I'm still trying to find the best way to scan images without having to sit and wait for each file to load for an hour. I do get pictures of the other guys, but I have so many images on my site that I only put up the ones of Ed to save on space.

October 2, 1998
Dr Pepper Stars Center Practice

October 1, 1998
Reunion Arena: Open House Scrimmages

Some notes regarding these pictures. They were taken with a Pentax MG with a 75-200 zoom and 1600 Fuji? Because it was a higher speed of film it is grainy. I have every intention of getting another Pentax for hockey photos - I do night photography and the MG is perfect for it but you can't adjust the shutter speed which is a good thing for hockey. Until then these are the types of photos that I have for now - I hope to get another camera soon (crossing fingers!).

September 11, 1998
Dr Pepper Stars Center Practice

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