My Interests:

My husband and I have also always wanted to learn how to dance and sail. Chris took French in school while I took German. I'd love to learn both, or at least French so we can practice using it. I'd always wanted to take astronomy, so who knows if I'll get back into that - it's been so long.. even my old telescope is in bad shape. We have a lot of hobbies we do and would like to do - we'll get to them all someday!

About this website:

I'm a huge Star Wars freak, and a Darth Maul fanatic as well. Here are some of the reasons I chose for my domain name:

Anyway, I have a wonderful husband who spoils me (I think it's because he loves getting cool stuff like Star Wars toys, too) named Christopher Gronlund (yes, I kept my last name) who's my best friend. We're inseparable. Most of our hobbies and interests we both share and enjoy doing together. He is also the creator of my main page and the frames graphics. I had started working on a temporary one and he decided to surprise me with his design. I loved it so much that we went with it instead (which is why it took a while to get this site online - he's also a writer and has been busy trying to finish some stuff up).

That's about it! I'm sure you've learned more about me than you cared to learn.. thanks for visiting!