Art Interests

Art.. ah yes... the thing that started my pages, pretty much. I'm taking a long break from it. You see, it's not that I'm sick of drawing, I just have changed priorities in life. I've been drawing since I can remember, and there're other things I'd like to do. I also am no longer putting art online in a professional way like I used to. This site was created mainly for myself to have fun with my pages as well as share files with close friends and family. I'm sure I'll start drawing again, but with the setup of the scanner (or shall I say lack of a scanner setup at the moment), lack of space to spread art supplies out and with my other interests, I'm not even sure I could update frequently. I'll try here and there when I can, however.

The types of art I've enjoyed doing range from hockey, Star Wars/Darth Maul, superhero/comicbooks (I used to self publish a book with my husband, but I really don't draw this sort of thing much anymore), nature (especially birds), and cartooning. I've worked with computer coloring (I was lazy and never really bothered to learn a lot - just found tips and experimented), inked work (using a brush mostly), pencils, markers, paints (most recently, gouache) and when I was younger I messed with pastels quite a bit.

Here are links to some of my pages: