Martial Arts Interest

I've always wanted to learn a martial art since I could remember. Unfortunately, my folks really couldn't get me into any classes (probably no time to take me or something). About a year or so after I met Chris, we came across a really cool chance to take a class. It was a rare class and we unfortunately were only able to do it for about a year before our sensei mysteriously "disappeared" :/ I won't even bother getting into the details, only one or two other people outside of the class has even heard of it and I can't even remember all the historical details of the art anymore, sadly. I tried to get into a Kung Fu class, but unfortunately it was too far to drive a few times a week and Chris was having some health problems. So we had to quit. I look forward to the day I find a good small class or private instructor for something like Kung Fu, but for now I just have to wait.