Photography Interests

Both of us are into photography - but Chris probably enjoys it more than I do. There are times I just want a digital camera or something small and easy to use for things like gatherings instead of messing around with a bulky lens or camera bag. Othertimes, I prefer those cameras.

Some of the cameras we have are: a Pentax MG, K1000, and ZX-M. I also have a Kiev (medium format) and we have a Minolta X-370 we sometimes use for B&W. The Kiev is pretty nice - I could definitely get spoiled with it, but it needs to be fixed (they're notorious for having some problems - but nothing that can't be fixed). We are pretty much learning photography on our own through trial and error. Chris had been getting the NY photography school stuff, but ended up cancelling because he just didn't have time to do all the lessons that came with the books and videos. Some of our favorite stuff is night photography, but I also enjoy shooting at places like the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens. We tend to use existing light (non-flash), which is great in some cases but we really need to invest in a couple of better lenses. Hopefully we'll get a few better setups for both of us - faster lenses and also good zooms with wide angle capabilities. It would be nice not having to fight over who gets which lens or who gets to carry the heaviest camera bag. We also just got a Sony DSC-P71 digital camera. We *love* it! It's a great camera. Definitely will come in handy.

I'll include some links once Chris redos the night photo page and adds the other pages online sometime.