Sewing and Costuming Interests

Ok ok, I'm sure my mom had a good laugh when she found out I was getting into this. She'd always tried to get me to sit down and learn and I always whined and ran outside to play. Boy do I regret that! :) I was born on Halloween, so of course that being my favorite holiday means I *love* costumes. I'm a Star Wars fanatic and not only do I want a few costumes to wear to conventions or on Halloween, I wouldn't mind putting them on mannequins to help spruce up my growing collection of Star Wars merchandise, too. Add to the fact I'm into dancing (especially bellydancing) and well, it's best I learn to at least do a *few* things on the sewing machine.

I really haven't learned a lot yet, but I can follow simple patterns so far. I always have some friends or my mother to help me if I run into any trouble, however. As they say, you have to try! I look forward to the day I can make a Darth Maul costume, though (I shudder at the thought of all those pleats on the cloak, however.. ack! LOL). It does come in handy when you want to do some mending, or throw together a quick project like a bag or something like that.If I ever get any projects finished and photographed, I might share some here.