Darth Maul (gouache)

This is the first piece I've ever used gouache on. I have only really watercolored one piece before (haven't put a copy of it online since it's a large image in a frame), and that was in 1991. Since then I've only really been working in pencils and inks. It was nice to finally get around to doing some painting and I wish I had used gouache sooner - it's a fun, wonderful paint!

Now.. the subject matter.. yes.. Star Wars.. I was a fan as a kid (I was born in 1972 and got to watch them as they came out in the theater), and I'm still a huge fan. I didn't really have any good references of Maul before I drew and painted this, so unfortunately it's not very accurate. It was a good "warmup" piece to get used to the paints, however!

This piece was done on a larger piece of watercolor paper that I had to do two swipes (top and bottom) on the scanner. We tried to adjust to get rid of the color variation that occurs when you do scans in pieces, so this is the best we could do on the scan... please enjoy!

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Darth Maul is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd., I do not work for Lucas, or on the film, simply a huge fan of the films and characters and wanted to test out paints I bought recently that were mostly primary colors.