Darth Maul #2: (gouache, watercolor & airbrush)

This is the second piece I've ever used gouache on. I decided to do another one once I got a few more references of Darth Maul, and I'm pleased with this one. I'm sure there're some things about it that could have been done better (the hand and saber, especially) but the point is it was a blast (he's a great character to paint! No boring colors here!).

Since I put his lightsaber in I also was able to throw in a little airbrush (the light saber is the only airbrush). The blue tints in the body of the lightsaber and his earring, and the yellow color in his teeth and horns which is watercolor. His face, eyes, horns etc are gouache. I've discovered an interesting way to do my paintings as well... I did an ink sketch to work from for the painting. I sketched it in blue pencil, inked what I liked about it (rough detailing in the eyes and around the nose for some "notes" for myself since it was not meant to be an actual finished piece), enlarged the image to the size I wanted, and transferred the lines I liked to the watercolor paper. That way I could think bold colors without wondering how it would look. The image of him is based off a photo I have.. I simply tilted his head a little differently and showed his teeth (the ear and neck do not show up in the photo so I had to look at some other photos to get an idea how that went together).. the hand and lightsaber were my own hand and a staff I had handy. Please enjoy!


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Darth Maul is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd., I do not work for Lucas, or on the film, simply a huge fan of the films and characters and wanted to test out paints I bought recently that were mostly primary colors.