Darth Cynth: cartoon "self portrait"
(inks/computer coloring)

I've been working on the page and other little fun things for the look as well as the actual Maul art (which I have stacks of that need to be finished! oy!). Well for a little bit of a change I decided to add one of me! I'd been sketching and thought of drawing myself as a Sith and this is what happened.. everyone I'd shown it to loved it so much they thought I should go ahead and color it. It also enabled me to play with something in Photoshop I hadn't had a chance to use yet but obviously needed: transparent layers. I finally figured out how to put the lightsaber on without damaging the background image and was happy to use this as practice instead. I go by "Darth Cynth" (now, "DarthCynthia") on a lot of Star Wars/Maul chats and message boards, so I didn't mind putting this here either. My husband on the other hand was so impressed.. now he wants me to draw him as a Jedi.. hahahahah ok Chris :) (boy, I haven't gotten around to that yet have I? - in fact, I had to fix "fiance" and replace it with "husband".. sheesh! I have too many pages to edit).

I had to go back through yet again and paint some of the spots where the inks were pretty much dying out.. so strange that the inks themselves are crisp and black and Photoshop put in splotchy light spots for some of the lines.. go figure! It's interesting that it used to work right before.. ah well.. I'll eventually get it right, I'm sure heh. I'm just happy I figured out the layers thing.... (now watch.. when I need it for the next piece is when I'll forget how to do it! hahahah). Enjoy!

me as a Sith
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Disclaimer: I am not associated in any way with Darth Maul, Star Wars, the Phantom Menace or anything Lucas. This is strictly a page showcasing my art on subjects that I enjoy painting. Best viewed at 800X600.