Drawing Darth Maul

Some of you may know me by one of my Yahoo! profile names: mistress_of_mauls_images. This was a nickname given to me by my friend Inari Icewalker. At the time, she was starting a Yahoo! Club called the Temple of Lord Darth Maul, and she had chosen the name "lord_mauls_temple_guardian" for herself. I commented that I'd love to do something similar with my name but since I didn't want to be a moderator, I didn't want a name like that. She joked that since I drew so much Darth Maul art it was like I was his personal artist... so she came up with the name for me.

Later, when I went back to choose some images for my Y! profiles, I decided I wanted something different for this name (which is also known as "MoMI" by the Temple members - it's so much easier to type). So I came up with this image below. It's me trying to get a drawing done with Maul standing over my shoulder telling me what to draw. I had originally intended to have a thought balloon for this piece with me thinking "and when can I get to all the other drawings you told me to do?", but decided not to. It's funny actually, except for the fact that my "to do" pile of partially finished sketches and drawings is much, much bigger in real life, I actually ended up with so many projects and had troubles finishing them. I'm not sure if all of them will ever get finished or if most will collect dust (that isnt' my intend with any of my art!), but since I had some pieces lying around that were finished (and just used for other things like profiles) I thought I would post this as an update. This is one of my least fave drawings of me, but it was still fun to do.

Hopefully I'll be able to put more art online - I'll just have to try to wait longer between updates to make them last until I can do more..

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