Darth Maul: "Force Lightning"
sketch, inks, computer coloring.

Well I decided to load up all three images that I did to get this piece. The pieces have pretty much the info they need on them to tell you what they are. There's nothing spectacular about this one that I liked, I just happened to decide to have all three up since I had the sketch scan still on my system. Sorry for those of you on slower connections.. this page may take a while to load. They're also posted backwards from how they were done.

I'm pretty new still at computer coloring since I really just mess around with it. I'm too lazy to pick up a book (and it's an old version of the program, anyway) and see all the really cool things you can play with in photoshop.. ah well heheh maybe someday :)

I actually like the inks the most of the three... I decided to use this piece as practice for doing stuff like lightning-esque effects ("hand" rendered anyway, I realize there are probably easier ways to do it in PS LOL), and also to add "glowing" effects where the light reflected off his robes. Yeah, I realize Maul didn't do force lightning in EP I, but it's such pretty colors and effects plus it was a project I could try (that and drawing hands for practice too).

I crazily did the inks and coloring all in one night (adding the "glows" on him the next day) and I think I was starting to hallucinate towards the end there heheheh ;) When I am just not in the mood to get out stuff to paint with and clean it up.. I really enjoy messing around with computers sometimes (othertimes I wonder about the silly things). Anyway... well.. I can't think of anything else so... hopefully they're loaded by now :)

final colored piece
The final colored piece on the computer.

inks of above picture
The inks of the above piece.

pencil sketch I worked from
The pencil sketch I worked from.

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