Darth Maul (Cartoon-style)

This particular 'toon is actually part of a slightly bigger piece that includes the other cartoon characters I do of Ed Belfour and Talon the Eagle. I liked how Maul turned out so much that I decided to crop him separately and color him so I could have this one up quicker. Perhaps someday I'll finish the coloring the whole piece but I'm not sure how much time I have... I also put the inks here so I can do a bit of a cross-update for both pages.

Since I draw both so much I thought it'd be cute since it's off-season from hockey. I mostly just scrawled this one down to have a bit of fun, and really had no idea what I would do with it once I had finished it. I wish I didn't have a misc. gallery or this'd make a good image map.. one of those "click on the gallery you want to see" type things.. we'll see though.

Oh yeah... It's been so long since I had to work on coloring on the computer that I kept having these "ut oh.. did I forget something?" or "ut oh.. was I supposed to do that?" hahahah.. and then for some weird reason the spot blacks under his hands didn't even show up... too weird... the inks show it in the b&w version.. go figure! I don't wanna think about computers.. stupid scanner is messing up now! ugh!!!!

The section of Maul, cropped separately and colored in Photoshop... inked by a brush before scanning.

The inks of the full-sized piece. I didn't ink in Maul's tattoos... I did that all in PS and lemme tell ya.. my head hurts!

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Disclaimer: Again, I don't have anything to do with Star Wars or Lucasfilm Ltd. and neither does Mr. Belfour (heck I don't even know if Belfour likes Star Wars.. I'm sure our favorite Sith Lord doesn't "like" anyone either.. heheheh!).. I was simply goofing around with two subjects I do art of a lot. Talon the Eagle however is my character and TM so please don't use the latter image with him in it.. thanks ;)