What's New?

February 6, 2004: Wow! I haven't updated in a long time.. sadly, the only new item is adding a link to the hockey gear/school links page (the Czech International Hockey Camp).

September 17, 2003: Updated some of the wording and added some more links to the juggling page.

August 23, 2003: Added a link to my LiveJournal from my journal page.

August 10, 2003: Added a link on the juggling page to the Denton Jugglers' Association, and added a journal entry.

August 7, 2003: Added a link to "Perfect Skater" on my hockey gear/schools links page.

July 28, 2003: Added a new journal entry.

July 25, 2003: Added a new link to my dancing interests page for Radio Bastet, a fun online Vintage Bellydance music "station".

July 12, 2003: Oooh, a new journal entry! Gasp!

March 18, 2003: Added 2 new journal entries for March 16th and 17th.

January 20, 2003: Added a new journal entry.

January 2, 2003: Added a new journal entry (also started a new page for 2003), and added a new item on the collection page.

December 28, 2002: Yet another journal entry :)

December 22, 2002: Added a new journal entry.

December 8, 2002: Added 3 new journal entries - look for the November 16, 2002 entry for the start. I added a new item to the collection page along with the picture of the new Ray Park autograph. A new rough sketch was added to the Darth Maul art gallery. Also added a new drawing to my misc. art gallery. I call them "new" drawings, but they've been sitting for a while and I just haven't added them to my galleries yet. I still haven't really had much time (or space) to draw and I've decided that I may even do art that won't go online at all. I've just been more interested in doing art for myself lately. When I do find older sketches etc that I don't mind putting online, I will try to get them added.

November 11, 2002: Added 4 new journal entries - look for the October ?, 2002 entry for the start (I couldn't remember what date I started writing that and I kept them all in Word instead of on the actual file so I could cut and paste later). Added the Jade Crusades link to my Star Wars links page and added one more item to my collection page (I'll have to add the scan of the photo another time). Sorry I haven't been updating much lately. I've been focusing on practicing bellydance moves and other things and haven't felt much like setting things up and updating for a little while.

September 20, 2002: Updated the collection page with two new items. Also added a new journal entry.

September 12, 2002: Added a new sketch to the Maul art gallery. This is a rough sketch and it's a little hard to see because it originally was drawn in non-copy blue pencil (as the name says, most photocopiers generally do not pick up these lines - this is what I use to make pencil lines before I ink them but I wasn't sure if I would ever finish this drawing so I scanned it as-is). I scanned it as dark as I could and changed the coloring in Photoshop to a darker line. I also fixed the Florida 501st link on the Star Wars links page. I also added a new journal entry.

August 19, 2002: I've been working on some coding with the pages - hopefully it'll run smoothly. I apologize if something doesn't. It worked on my end and I checked with newer versions of MSIE, Netscape, and Opera. I'm also content with the way things have been categorized, so I'll start linking to those updates from this "What's New" page (I didn't previously, because I didn't want to have to go through here to fix dead links if I wanted to move files or rename directories). I added the NTMEDA link to the dancing page as well.

August 9, 2002: Updated my journal with an entry as well as added links to my husband Christopher's website (from the main page and my bio page).

August 6, 2002: Added a new journal to the miscellaneous page (located on the left navigation frame). This will just be some of my babblings on various subjects. Thanks for the idea, Christopher! ;)

August 5, 2002: Added a new (but old) piece to the Darth Maul gallery, added the print image to the Belfour gallery (this one is signed by Ed to me - I closed up the merchandise section so I archived this in the art gallery. That and I needed an "update". Hopefully I'll be able to find something to use in the next few months). I also added a new link to the Star Wars links page: Rancicis Homepage. Plus other various work here and there (html cleanup etc).

July 24, 2002: Added about 85 photos to my Star Wars collection page (so those who buy me things can actually see what I have not to mention see it listed). Some I took myself, others I borrowed from Star Wars "stores" online. Again, no harm was meant by borrowing the images - this page is strictly for myself, family and friends so we don't all buy duplicates of things I already have! ;) I also fixed a few coding things on that page, as well as added a new section to my hockey/gear links page. The Goalie Stuff Online link was added to that (and I'm thinking I may be missing other links that should be there so I'll be adding more to that page, I'm sure). I also fixed Darth Ann's link (on the Star Wars links page) to her new Darth Maul Net page. And finally, I added some links to my dancing interests page.

July 17, 2002: Did a few link fixes (I may do a separate NHL links page from the Belfour one in the future). I added a WONDERFUL animation site to my Star Wars Links called Star Wars Spoofs - great job! I also added a Toronto Maple Leafs fan page (called "Leafs Forever") to the Belfour links section, and an eGroup mailing list link to the Juggling page in my Interests section. I'm still fixing old code here and there and re-shifting things that need changing.

July 5, 2002: Well, Ed Belfour is now a Maple Leaf. I am also not selling prints anymore. I decided to stop because of the move (my print was of Ed as a Star), I didn't want to create any new prints for sale (if I do anymore art, it would most likely be requested images by Mr. Belfour or his business associates), and the business changed hands and I didn't want to deal with bringing them up to date on my contract. I updated the Belfour links page to include Toronto Maple Leaf pages (if you have any links to add - especially good news and stat pages - please email me). I shut down the merchandising section, and tried to fix a few things (mainly wording and some coding) on various Belfour pages. I'm sure those pages will have a few errors or fixes over the past few days which I may or may not post about here. Good luck in Toronto, Ed! I hope to get back to art occasionally, but as always.. it depends on my schedule and whether or not I can get things scanned in. I also added Jan Duursema's message board to the Maul/SW links page.

June 28, 2002: Added a new (well, new for the art gallery) picture to the Maul art gallery. It's a picture I have used for my Yahoo! profile, but have never put it on the page. I've been going through some of my art and trying to find pieces that I can use now - things that will never be finished (sketches etc) and things that were finished but were mostly just for my own amusement or use. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get around to creating new pieces (I've pretty much decided that I need to get re-organized and get a new scanner first), but I'll try to add things here and there. Perhaps something once every month or two. *crosses fingers*

Btw... some of you may have noticed I don't link things up from this page when I update. It's because I don't want to have to update a billion links when I get to shifting files or directories around like I've been doing lately. Most things are pretty self-explanatory where they'd be located. This page is mainly just so folks (and myself - it helps to remind me the last time I did something here) know about a new update or especially if something really important comes up (since not everyone is on the mailing list).

June 26, 2002: Added two figures (plus photos) to my SW collection page, and also added a link for a Darth Maul comic petition (accessible from the left menu under "Star Wars").

June 25, 2002: Still cleaning up errors and moving files around how I want them. I did add info to the supplies page and the photo interests page about our new digital camera. I also found an old drawing I did as a thank you for someone - a cartoon of me and Talon the Eagle for my Belfour gallery. Maybe I'll try adding a few older pieces of art here and there but I'm still having trouble with the scanner. Anyway, hopefully there won't be any weird dead links when I shuffle files around like this - but it could happen! I'll try to be careful, tho' ;)

June 15, 2002: Just trying to clean up a few errors, dead links and things around the page. Nothing much to report except that I'm still trying to fine tune things and clean up old links.

June 12, 2002: I finished enough of the page to load online, finally! I'm sure there will be a lot of errors to work out, but it got to the point where I just needed to load it online and work the bugs out there. You will see there's a big change to my page - the biggest is that there are no separate pages anymore. I got sick of having to update them all when something important came up. Now it's one whole page with different sections (one of the reasons I went with frames, the other was because I just wanted a frame page). This makes it easier for me to update and keep organized. It also gets traffic to my main directory which hardly ever got used.

Another thing is that I am not focusing solely on art anymore. I am not giving it up - I'm just taking a break. Things have just gotten too crazy to do art and update like I used to. I also have other interests I want to follow. When the time comes and I'm able to get to my art supplies and scan finished projects, I will definitely add them.

My page is also mainly something I threw together for my own entertainment I guess you could say. I enjoy working on webpages - but I also enjoy having the space to put files up for family and friends. One of my sections, the one I made for Ed and Talon, isn't as business-like as I'd intended it to be originally. At the moment, I put the print information there (some of you may remember I'm officially licensed by Belfour to sell these), but in the future I may remove it. I just have no desire to deal with money and art. I'm happier when it's like I used to do art - for enjoyment and to share with a few people.

I hope long-time visitors will understand the new layout (I know many people hate frames, but I enjoy them and my husband got a chance to practice putting a page together with them) and my new focus on the page (sometimes you need a break even from the things you love).